PH Trivia

By 2012's Best Mens Skin Care Products

Some weird pubic hair trivia:

pubic hair in fast food

  1. Did you know that the average fast food consumer unknowingly eats 12 curlies with their burgers, pizza, and fries annually?…sick and gross fo’ sure! Now should we have a mandatory law that fast food workers must be clean shaven down there???
  2. Did you know that in Islamic societies, removing one’s bush is a religiously endorsed practice?
  3. pubic hair flossing anyone?

  4. Well, the longest female pussy hair on record measured 28 inches! Now think about not buying any dental floss for life!
  5. _____

  6. Ever wonder how many of your pubes are usually transfered to your partner’s bush while doing the dirty?

    Well someone actually conducted a study about this. The experiment was conducted on 5 couples and replicated 10 times per couple. The missionary position was the sex position the majority of the time (76%). The findings are that pubic hair transfers happened only 17.3% of the time during sex. With all that intense friction down there I would have thought the number would have been much higher!

    Click here to read more details about the study.


5. Are you attracted to your partner’s pubic hair? Do you have have to touch it at night when you sleep? Well you might have PUBEPHILIAPubic hair fetishism, a condition where one gets sexually attracted to the bush or sexually aroused by pubes.

Men with this condition usually find thick women’s bushes a turn on and enjoy the “el naturale” look. Vice versa with women…they enjoy their men with hairy coats around their members. So shaving your pussy or your balls is not an option.

There is a fetish for everything including the hair down there!


6. I love completely bare female genitalia — pubic hair shaven, waxed, lasered off…don’t care how it is removed but just gone! And for those who want to know, the proper term for totally shaved vagina is “The Lolita”.

Why? Lolita is the titular character from Vladimir Nabokov’s famous and now dubbed classic status novel that was published back in 1955. She is considered alluring in the book because of her 12-year old prepubescent state.


7. Pubic Hair Lice Extinction

With the ever growing popularity of being clean shaven down there stemming from the rampant showing of “Nolitas” in porn movies and magazines, does this mean that the pubic hair lice is on the verge of becoming extinct?

Pthirus pubis … at risk from 'deforestation'.
Pthirus pubis is the poor creature we are talking about. Looks like it has some long pubes on itself eh? It would be a logical assumption that the case of pubic hair lice irritation world-wide is becoming less of an issue. However researchers and health care professionals say that there is not enough data to make any sort of conclusion about the rise of intimate hair removal with a decline in Pthirus pubis.

Interesting correlation but no cigar! Guess we will have to wait a few more years to track this possible correlation. In the meantime, keep shaving them off or growing them wild whichever is your style.