Earlier we talked about how a 2012 study showed that the number of ER visits involving genitourinary injuries were on the rise primarily caused by grooming mishaps. Now the Los Angeles Times reports a new study has shown that pubic grooming makes people more vulnerable to contracting a nasty sexually transmitted illness called the “molluscum contagiosum” virus!

Well what is the molluscum contagiosum virus? It’s something that causes lesions around your genitalia and something you definitely don’t want to catch or experience. The study done by two French dermatologists and a health researcher at Emory University in Georgia looked at 30 adults who had genitalia lesions and found that 93% of them (6 females & 24 males) had either shaved, groomed, or waxed their privates. With this kind of correlation, anyone can confidently conclude that retouching your pubes increases your chances of catching this nasty lesion virus.

So whether or not you are in favor of trimming or touching your curlies down there, know that you may increase your chances of catching molluscum contagiosum if do you!