pubic-hair-bacteria-microbes-evidence-sexual-assault-rape-casesSexual predators are out there. And no matter what women do to deter the uncontrollable horny men, they will come after them. DNA profiling has been used to help catch rapists. We are not referring to DNA testing on semen left by sexual predators, but by DNA profiling the bacteria found on one’s pubic hair!

A new study, conducted by Dr. Silvana Tridico from Murdoch University in Australia, has found that bacterial communities living on your pubic hair can be a “microbial signature” unique to yourself. When a sexual assault crime is committed, the bacteria of the sexual offender gets transferred over to the victim’s pubic hair. Significant differences exist between your own personal microbial bacteria than compared to your co-worker or your partner. The study also found that pubic hair microbiota appear to be transferred during sex.

So for you rapists out there, throwing away the condom won’t save you from jail. We got our own bacteria present in our pubes to help protect us and find justice!