In some regions of the world, people are going overboard with pubic hair. They want more of it! Where? In South Korea!

Some people suffer from pubic atrichosis or hypotrichosis, a heterogeneous disease common in Mongolian women but rare in Caucasian women where an individual has insufficient amounts of pubic hair. In Korea, these women also suffer from low self-esteem and psychological problems because of it. Most of these problems arise from them going into Korean public bath houses called Jjimjilbang. Changing rooms are segregated by sex and in here clothing is not an option as people are required to be full nude to enter the hot tubs, showers, and massage areas. The aesthetic pressure mainly comes from other femmes in the changing areas and not from men in the bedrooms. As a result, more and more women are getting pubic hair transplants to fatten up their bush.

The surgical procedure is pretty standard. Takes only two to four hours usually and requires harvesting a thin strip of your scalp and grafting it into your private region. Question for us now is since Koreans have mainly straight hair, does it mean that the new pubes will be straight too? Hmmm. Interesting question and we don’t know the answer.

Is this just the beginning of the beauty trend for fuller curls? We all know that Cameron Diaz is a strong advocate of going “el natural” so maybe yes!