Botched attempts at “manscaping” or a sloppy do it yourself Brazilian wax job at home have all contributed to a rise in the number of visits to the local emergency room. Scientists at the University of San Francisco published a recent report finding that self-inflicted pubic hair grooming accidents have increased 5-fold between 2002 and 2010.

Clinical researchers at UCSF have also stated that the actual number of pubic hair removal mishaps that require medical attention are also underestimated. If you happened to cut your balls or burn your vulva while trimming/waxing, wouldn’t you feel embarassed to go to the ER and would rather just stay home and slap on Neosporin and a band-aid? I sure would!

Another interesting statistic the UCSF researchers have come up with is that around 3% of all injuries related to one’s genitalia are related to pubic hair grooming practices. Well three percent ain’t a humongous figure but be more careful with your razor or hot wax!