A new dedicated two product skincare line dedicated to pubic hair grooming is out! FUR has come out with a Stubble Cream and a softening Fur Oil for your pubes.

Stubble Cream is a lightweight cream to be used on clean pubic skin and hair. It promotes prickly regrowth, clears pores for the prevention of ingrown hairs, and protects pubic skin. Key ingredients used are safflower seed and olive extracts, shea butter, and tea tree oil. $49 for 75ml.

Fur Oil softens pubic hair and cleanses pores. Great to smoother this on after a nice shave or wax. Key ingredients used are grape see and jojoba oils, tea tree oil, and clary sage seed oils all to help reduce inflammation and provide antimicrobial action. $55 for 75ml.

Our personal recommendation for the best pubic hair grooming products would be to shave first with the TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream, then followed by the FUR Oil or Stubble Cream. For all shaving nicks and cuts near your genitals, heal up with the TwinLuxe Instant Rescue Gel.