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New research shows young men feel pressured to trim pubes

male-pubic-hair-shaving-trendsNew research by poll analysts Mintel show that 29% of young men (16 to 24 yr old males) feel it is now important to trim or shave the curlies down there. Six out of 10 young guys also feel pressured to shave or remove body hair whether it be on the legs, eyebrows, or around their crotch.

Staying smooth may certainly be the trend now for young bucks on the prowl for some vaginal action! This was the trend for females the past few years however times have changed for the X chromosomers. The bush is getting more love these days for females. At least if one of us (either male or female) has pubic hair, it will make the skin slapping more enjoyable with less friction!

Lady Gaga naked on cover of magazine
For those who are into celebrity sneak peeks, here is one for you all! Lady Gaga graces the cover of CANDY Magazine wearing just a fur coat and a scorpion pasty bearing her full bush. Gaga GooGoo!


So is the bush back “in” style???

Females wanted for photographing their bushes!

ProjectBush-B-0For the females out there — do you want to have your bush photographed to support an expression of “modern feminism”? Well you can!

Starting next week, PROJECT BUSH aims to present London’s lady gardens in “all their glory” by photographing and publicly displaying photos of these private areas – all anonymously of course. The movement represents that they’re not pro or anti-bush but pro choice.

Hiding marijuana in your pubic hair

marijuana-pubic-hairWhen you are physically running away from 5-0, where should you stash/hide your wad of marijuana? Should you just swallow it or throw it away in the bushes as you try to outrun the cops? Hell no! Hide the pot in your pubic hair!

That is what dumb criminal Harrison Preston, 32 years of age from Fort Walton Beach Florida, did when he was randomly beat up at a convenience store on May 13, 2013. An EMT who was trying to secure Preston in the ambulance found green leafy substances stuck in his pubes! Turns out that the EMT reported this to the police once they got to the hospital and Preston was found hiding 31.2 grams worth of marijuana socked inside his underwear in a bag, apparently ripped or open.

So you can accurately guess that Preston is el naturale down there and should have shaven or waxed his curlies off so that the weed would not have been discovered by the EMT!

Pubic Hair attack on Hugh Jackman!

Kathleen Thurston, 47

Kathleen Thurston, 47

When a hot young girl comes up to you and says “I love you!” and then throws you an electric razor filled with her pubic hair, you know you are da’ man! That is what happened exactly to man hunk Hugh Jackman, the actor who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies, except that the girl was just the opposite of hot.

Mr. Jackman was exercising at Gotham Gym in NYC’s West Village last Saturday April 6, 2013 when Kathleen Thurston, 47, “attacked” him, according to the NY Post. The blonde shouted out her desperate declaration of affection for Mr. Jackman and then reached into her pant’s waistband and flung the razor along with her dark brown curlies at the him.

Cops caught up with Ms. Thurston a few blocks away and charged her with stalking. Say no to egging! And yes to pubic hair filled razors! Wohoo! What has this world become?

Visits to the ER increase due to rise in pubic hair grooming mishaps!

Botched attempts at “manscaping” or a sloppy do it yourself Brazilian wax job at home have all contributed to a rise in the number of visits to the local emergency room. Scientists at the University of San Francisco published a recent report finding that self-inflicted pubic hair grooming accidents have increased 5-fold between 2002 and 2010.

Clinical researchers at UCSF have also stated that the actual number of pubic hair removal mishaps that require medical attention are also underestimated. If you happened to cut your balls or burn your vulva while trimming/waxing, wouldn’t you feel embarassed to go to the ER and would rather just stay home and slap on Neosporin and a band-aid? I sure would!

Another interesting statistic the UCSF researchers have come up with is that around 3% of all injuries related to one’s genitalia are related to pubic hair grooming practices. Well three percent ain’t a humongous figure but be more careful with your razor or hot wax!

Kate Moss’ pubic hair revealed!

Kate Moss' pubic hair

Kate Moss’ pubic hair

The infamous Kate Moss is one to dream about. Her sexy stare and drop dead body makes her one of the all-time most photo-friendly supermodels out there. And if you are wondering how her snatch looks like, well you have come to the right place!

Kate Moss did a revealing photoshoot in LOVE magazine. Photographed by Tim Walker, she shows some skin as well as some dark brown curly pubic hair for everyone to just fantasize about. Hooray for LOVE magazine!

You can view all the photos of her almost nude here (url link is NSFW).


Pubic Hair Stickers!

What do iPhones and pubic hair have in common? Stickers! Mekomeko Club, a Japanese creative unit, created stickers that mimic real pubic hair to be stuck on your cell phone or really anything. These pubes stickers are called “inmou shiiru” or 陰毛シール.

Trick your friends by sticking these on their cellphone screens. They are priced at ¥420 (US$5) per set — Not a wallet breaker but definitely worth the laughs you will get from this. It’s like finding some curlies in your pasta bolognese and being grossed out.

The original Japanese article can be found here.

Women crashes car while shaving her intimates

There are numerous ways to get into a car accident. Stupid ways are texting, applying make-up, and looking for a CD in the glove compartment while at the wheel. Well how about including in that list….Shaving your own pubic hair?

November 13, 2012 — Megan Mariah Barnes, 37, living in Florida did just that. She was behind the wheel of her 1995 Thunderbird and decided that her crotch needed to be shaved. So why not rid the pubes while driving? Turns out that she ended up slamming her car into the back of a 2006 Chevy pickup truck carrying 4 passengers. Guess she had trouble shaving her pubes clean with her razor and forgot that she was driving! Luckily the other 4 passengers in the pickup were not seriously injured!

To read the full story, click here.


November 16, 2012

Check out the latest PETA ad to hit the wires last week. “DON’T RUIN YOUR LOOK WITH FUR TRIM”… with fur trim being referred to hairy non-shaven pubic hair.

So does PETA endorse The Lolita and clean shaven pussies? Obviously YES. Comparing the sleek fur of a linx to the natural curly pubes of a female is quite a contrast. But I think PETA got it wrong this time. Women should be able to be grow their bushes wild or have the option to trim, wax, bedazzle, or whatever to their privates. Wearing fur coats is one thing but attacking pubic hair? Come on!

NJ police officer gets a pubic hair filled bagel sandwich at deli

pube bagel sandwich anyone?

July 21, 2012

Jeremy Merck, a New Jersey police officer, won a $14,000 civil lawsuit against Ryan Burke of Stratford, a cook at Marlton deli.

The lawsuit alleged that the short-order cook stuffed his own body and pubic hair into the officer’s bagel sandwich as revenge for a traffic stop conducted by Office Merck in the past. Call it sick payback? Or call it just plain moronic? At least there wasn’t a “secret sauce” involved! Either way, don’t mess with 5-0!

–> To read the full story, click here.

82-year old man arrested for incident involving pubic hair

envelope full of pubic hair

July 18th, 2012

In Morris, Illinois, an 82-year old man Robert Gilbertson was arrested for disorderly conduct after giving a 32-year old woman an envelope full of pubic hair at the R-Place Family Eatery restaurant.

Old man being senile? Or is he just wanting to show off that he shaved his pubes off? My guess would be the former.

–> To read the full story, click here.

Woman discovers her pubes shaven off while napping at work!

what the??? where’d it go!!!

July 12, 2012 — In Kuching, the most populous city of the East Malaysian state of Sarawak, a 54 year old female working at a coffee shop discovered that her pubic har was shaven off when she was napping between 1-5pm last Wednesday. Thinking that someone was out to harm her, she has quit her job and reported the incident to police authorities.

Can you believe this? Waking up and discovering your pubes are all gone!

–> To read the full article, please click here.
Violinist sues council for £300,000 after misprint in music festival program changes his name to Bengali term for pubic hair!

Abdul Shahid

June 15, 2012

International artist Abdul Shahid, 43, is suing the Tower Hamlets Council for £300,000 over a misprint of his name in the already circulated 85,000+ copies of the annual Baishakhi Mela Festival program in London’s East End last year.

The program features a picture of the musician playing the violin with his name given as ‘Bal Shahid’, where ‘Bal’ means pubic hair in Bengali. Mr. Shahid claims he now stays indoors in fear of humiliation.

To read the full article, click here.
Undergrad’s research on female pussy hair hair removal wins prestigious scholar award

Jessica Moore - female intimate hair removal scholar recipient

May 29, 2012

Jessica Moore is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research for her thesis entitled “Talking about Pub(L)ic Hair: Pubic Hair Removal Practices of College Women,” which found that removing your pubes entail very real social and symbolic implications for women.

“One of the most interesting things I found is that women police themselves by deciding not to shave or wax their pubic hair in order to prevent them from hooking up with other people- so preventing unwanted hook ups,” said Moore.”

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