One of the goals of shaving your pubes is trying to get the closest shave possible. Just as if you were doing your beard or armpits, the perfect pubic shaving experience results in a buttery smooth hairless area. Now in order to achieve that assuming you have the proper razor and shaving cream (we discussed that in a previous post here) one must position themselves in the proper way during the hair removal process. 

There are basically 3 positions you can situate yourself to de-pube your pussy or penis area:

Sitting Down
Sit in a comfy chair with your feet up above your waist and legs spread wide apart.  This also provides great access to even removing your butthole hair.
OR Sit in a comfy chair with one leg above your waist and one leg resting on floor.

Squatting Down
Squat down so that your hamstrings touch your calve muscles.  Keep legs spread wide apart.  This is a great position for female shaving as well as for men to access their balls.  Put a mirror on the floor (optional) so that you can clearly see what your razor will be removing.

Laying on Back
Lay down on your back with legs spread wide apart.  This not the most comfortable of positions but it works. OR Lay down situated on your side with the top leg raised upwards and bent backwards while keeping the bottom leg straight.

All in all, my personal favorite is the squatting position. I feel it’s the most comfortable pubic hair shaving position and I tend to get the razor going much faster and easier as compared to the other two ways.

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