When you are physically running away from 5-0, where should you stash/hide your wad of marijuana? Should you just swallow it or throw it away in the bushes as you try to outrun the cops? Hell no! Hide the pot in your pubic hair!

That is what dumb criminal Harrison Preston, 32 years of age from Fort Walton Beach Florida, did when he was randomly beat up at a convenience store on May 13, 2013. An EMT who was trying to secure Preston in the ambulance found green leafy substances stuck in his pubes! Turns out that the EMT reported this to the police once they got to the hospital and Preston was found hiding 31.2 grams worth of marijuana socked inside his underwear in a bag, apparently ripped or open.

So you can accurately guess that Preston is el naturale down there and should have shaven or waxed his curlies off so that the weed would not have been discovered by the EMT!