People have a tendency to want to personalize their “look” so that it is a better reflection of who they are and their style. Whether it be a simple thing like dressing up your wardrobe with a bright leather hot pink belt to say “I’m hot & sexy!” or adding custom monograms to your Louis Vuitton bags to say “I love LV!” And the trend now for the majority of young females is to do the same with their initimates … choosing a pubic hair style that expresses who they area.

If you’re a woman who is curious and looking to shave, trim, or wax her pussy hair, you have plenty of options:

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  • Brazilian to get the more daring prepubescent look. Go for it all!
  • Triangle as you leave a sexy natural patch of hair for your partner to enjoy with all the benefits of being clean shaven down around your privates — my personal favorite.
  • Landing Strip is also very popular option as it suggests that you are a confident attractive vixen.
  • Bikini Line if you just only want to make sure your pubic hair is not exposed when wearing a swimsuit or lingerie.
  • Freestyle if you are very imaginative … I have seen some people choose to have the letter of their partner’s first name represented there or even a picture of a cute smiley face.

Bottom line, have fun with the hair down there. Be yourself and enjoy the pubic hair style you crave! It always grows back (if you’re not lasered) so you can always change it up every month if you desire.

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