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In the USA, shaving the beaver is not uncommon. However in Japan, a woman shaving her pubic hair just doesn’t happen. Why? We don’t know exactly but they like it “thick” down there. Surprisingly a Japanese company has come out with products to help women tidy their private parts. Online retailer Belle Maison is now […]


Gillette has released new advertising campaigns featuring the sexy Kate Upton for its Fusion ProGlide Styler — a 3-in-1 body styling razor that allows one to “Trim. Shave. Edge.” So this razor is designed so that you can trim your pubic hair bush, then sculp it, and then carefully make straight edges or exact borders […]


Earlier we talked about how a 2012 study showed that the number of ER visits involving genitourinary injuries were on the rise primarily caused by grooming mishaps. Now the Los Angeles Times reports a new study has shown that pubic grooming makes people more vulnerable to contracting a nasty sexually transmitted illness called the “molluscum […]


Botched attempts at “manscaping” or a sloppy do it yourself Brazilian wax job at home have all contributed to a rise in the number of visits to the local emergency room. Scientists at the University of San Francisco published a recent report finding that self-inflicted pubic hair grooming accidents have increased 5-fold between 2002 and […]


There are numerous ways to get into a car accident. Stupid ways are texting, applying make-up, and looking for a CD in the glove compartment while at the wheel. Well how about including in that list….Shaving your own pubic hair? November 13, 2012 — Megan Mariah Barnes, 37, living in Florida did just that. She […]


Pubic hair shaven, waxed, lasered off…don’t care how it is removed but just gone! And for those who want to know, the proper term for totally shaved is “The Lolita”. Why? Lolita is the titular character from Vladimir Nabokov’s famous and now dubbed classic status novel that was published back in 1955. She is considered […]


Dahl’s College of Beauty located in Great Falls, Montana is a beauty school that received federal dollars to enroll students in beauty education programs. Last August, a lawsuit was filed against Dahl’s on the basis that students who paid nearly $10,000 for instruction were supervised by incompetent instructors who “improperly delegated their teaching and supervising […]


Initimate male and female shaving takes time and practice in order for the experience to be pleasurable and irritation free. However, sometimes a slip of the razor or trimmer or accidental over-excessive pressure on your blade can cause unwanted nicks and cuts near your private parts. So what ointment or remedy should one use to […]


July 18th, 2012 In Morris, Illinois, an 82-year old man Robert Gilbertson was arrested for disorderly conduct after giving a 32-year old woman an envelope full of pubic hair at the R-Place Family Eatery restaurant. Old man being senile? Or is he just wanting to show off that he shaved his pubes off? My guess […]


One of the goals of shaving your pubes is trying to get the closest shave possible. Just as if you were doing your beard or armpits, the perfect pubic shaving experience results in a buttery smooth hairless area. Now in order to achieve that assuming you have the proper razor and shaving cream (we discussed […]