Best PH shaving products

By 2012's Best Mens Skin Care Products

What’s the best shave cream for pubic hair shaving?

TwinLuxe Smooth Shave Cream

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Why? It is the best Moisturizing & Slickest Shave Cream for shaving your pubes. Recommended for both men & women.

You will not cut yourself with your razor if you use it due to how slick and protective the cream is on your most delicate parts! No more bleeding and scarring! Plus…you can also use it to shave your face and legs because it is super hydrating and fantastic for your skin as it is also infused with Asian anti-aging botanical ingredients!

What’s the best to use to stop shaving cuts when shaving your pubes?

Initimate male and female shaving takes time and practice in order for the experience to be pleasurable and irritation free. However, sometimes a slip of the razor or trimmer or accidental over-excessive pressure on your blade can cause unwanted nicks and cuts near your private parts.

So what ointment or remedy should one use to heal all those shaving wounds and stop the bleeding?

–> Answer: TwinLuxe Instant Rescue Gel

This product is fantastic because it not only heals the shaving cuts and nicks, the boo-boos heal scar-free (unless the gash is too deep and too wide). The cut healer is also great for facial or leg shaving accidents too. The TwinLuxe Instant Rescue Gel has a minty cool sensation while simultaneously disinfecting and miracously healing the razor nick.

  1. Joe Kossum says:

    Great tips .. I’ll try it out and see what my partner says!