In the USA, shaving the beaver is not uncommon. However in Japan, a woman shaving her pubic hair just doesn’t happen. Why? We don’t know exactly but they like it “thick” down there. Surprisingly a Japanese company has come out with products to help women tidy their private parts.

Online retailer Belle Maison is now selling pubic hair shaving guides under the Ravia brand. They are shaving stencils that grip onto your curlies in the shapes of a landing strip, oval, square, heart, triangle, and diamond. Simply place it over your mons pubis and use a razor or tweezer to remove the hair all around it. A set of shaving stencils runs around $8.

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Madonna is certainly no stranger to controversy. She is no supporter of Donald Trump President-Elect as she said “We’re Fucked” in her Rolling Stones interview when asked about The Donald’s win. After Trump’s inauguration, a bunch of celebrities will be gathering in Washington DC for the Women’s March on Washington event, an rally to protest Trump’s swearing in. Madonna will be there and in her support of this rally, she instagram’ed a picture of a lady’s pubic hair worked up into a Nike’s Swoosh logo. “Just do it!” was the tagline below the beaver shot. Here it is:

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Since the Olympics are the main thing going on globally these days, let’s talk about pubic hair and Olympic female cyclists. What is the connection between them?

Answer: Professional female cyclists DO NOT shave their bushes. Why? Because the extra hair provides them an extra padding and prevents saddle soreness – something a cyclist does not want as sitting on top of a bicycle seat for hours is uncomfortable. Read the rest of this entry »

Valentine’s Day & Pubic Hair

Posted: 14th February 2016 by admin in pubic hair, shaving

Did anyone shave their pubes because it was Valentine’s Day?

We’d like to tally up votes to see what this special lover’s day has on the effect of shaving down under!


10 facts you didn’t know about your privates

We found a very interesting video about pubes and your private parts (vagina and penis). Check it out!



A new dedicated two product skincare line dedicated to pubic hair grooming is out! FUR has come out with a Stubble Cream and a softening Fur Oil for your pubes. Read the rest of this entry »


There are tons of talk about how women should keep their privates trimmed, waxed, or lasered off. And just the same amount of chatter on how men like their women’s pussies to look like, neatly trimmed abalones or hairy wild camel toes. But how do women feel about men? Do they want hair to cover their willies and is a big thick fat penis what most women want? Read the rest of this entry »


A recent survey conducted by asked 5,000 guys what their thoughts were on female pubic hair. The results are pretty interesting. Check them out below (click on picture to enlarge):



(photo credit: Instagram)

The power of Instagram — get seen and be seen! Miley Cyrus has just done that with another racy pic of herself. This one she reveals her pink armpit hair and a sneak peak of what is going down underneath Read the rest of this entry »


American Apparel was always known to have their models portray themselves “as-is”. No photoshopping. No airbrushing. Even their mannequins last year were the talk of the town as they donned full pubic bushes.

Things have changed now for American Apparel. With the hire of a new woman CEO Paual Schneider it seems like she wants to “clean up” the brands image. This is evident in the company’s recent product offerings. Check out the current product image on the left and the previous old one on the right used on the previous CEO. No pubes showing through the panty and no nipples either.

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