There are tons of talk about how women should keep their privates trimmed, waxed, or lasered off. And just the same amount of chatter on how men like their women’s pussies to look like, neatly trimmed abalones or hairy wild camel toes. But how do women feel about men? Do they want hair to cover their willies and is a big thick fat penis what most women want?

A recent survey published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine – What is a good looking penis? How women rate the penile appearance of men with surgicially corrected hypospadias tells the inside scoop on what women want below the waist. The results show that women do not really care about how long your slong is. That trait ranked sixth out of eight in importance. What ranked first out of the 105 women survey was the physical penis look – the “general cosmetic appearance.” And what ranked second was pubic hair look — they want their men to look all tidy down there.

Guys with small dicks shouldn’t feel bad now. What’s more important is that their cocks look normal and bushes manscaped.

  1. Nanette says:

    Women are not obligated to shave their legs Correct. Women are not OBLIGATED, but it’s a nice getrsue. And for those who don’t feel like shaving there are always pants! I’ve told you this before and I’ll say it again I find hairy legs and pits personally disgusting (no matter the gender)! Most men don’t shave their legs and thankfully most men don’t wear shorts, skirts, or dress. In other words most men don’t expose their legs in public! Women are able to wear skirts, shorts, dresses, etc to church, work, pretty much anywhere while the male counterpart is not and maybe it’s just me, but I think shaving legs or wearing tights to cover the forest is a bearable trade off! Leg stubble in bed is fine and dandy, but a forest of hair down there (on your legs or up in the pits) is just not a welcoming getrsue! It’s like bad breath or foul body odor just not common decency! Ok, that rant is over, now don’t even get me started on vaginal farting during oral sex