I’m sure many of you have dated or encountered a partner who had a bit more hair decorating her muff or anaconda than you prefer. Going down there through the Amazon jungle is a lot harder than voyaging through a well manicured lawn or super smooth tarmac. So how can one politely ask the other to request a trim?

Answer: Do your own landscaping first.

Trim your own pubes in the bathroom and make sure your hairy partner catches you. I’m sure he or she will be asking you “What are you doing????”. Then you tell her “I’m just grooming myself to love you” or any cheesy line to that extent. Your partner will then think dayummmm I have the Amazon Jungle in my shorts and will get the hint.

Model the behavior that you want other people to follow and your wish will be granted! You will be savoring hairless intimates for the rest of your life!