shaving pubic hair

First, trim the hair around your genitalia carefully with an electric trimmer or eyebrow scissors. The shorter you trim the hair the easier it will be to shave it off. Some people recommend only using electric razors for shaving your pubic hair region but to get that waxing-look-alike shave, you have to use a blade.

Let’s talk about the necessary shaving equipment needed for male and female pubic hair shaving.

1. Manual Razor – make sure the blades are sharp and not dull. This prevents you from having to use excessive pressure on the blade during shaving so it reduces the risk of nicking your private parts

2. Shave Creammake sure you use an expensive shave cream, preferably a men’s luxury shave cream like TwinLuxe’s Smooth Shave Cream….and yes for women too. Why? It’s because luxury men’s shave creams tend to be slicker, smoother spreading, and more moisturizing on your skin. Plus they tend not to melt off your skin when you are in a humid environment like a shower. Using soap or cheap shave creams will dry out your skin and exacerbate redness and unwanted razor bump formations which you definitely do not want down there!
How many times have you use a cheap shaving gel in the shower to shave your legs or beard and you are raced for time to complete your shave before the gel evaporates or disappears on its own? Well for pubic hair shaving, you need to take your time down there and you must use a shave cream that can hold its on – meaning it will stay on and protect your skin and not melt away.

shave with the grain

Pubic hair shaving technique:
==> The key to male and female pubic hair shaving is shaving in the same direction of hair growth (shave with the grain).
This helps prevent those unwanted shaving bumps people get. Those ghastly shaving bumps in your pubic region are eye sores for you and your partner and they are a result of the hair contracting inside your pores do to shaving against the grain. And the key to avoiding shaving redness and nicks and cuts on your private regions is to use a super slick and protective shaving cream.

Follow these simple shaving tips for an irritation-free shave down under!

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  1. Nice post. Manual shaver seems to give closer shaving results than electric razors. Thanks for posting.